Tiedetuubi: fun and factual science & technology

Stop the press: 
Tiedetuubi got the 2018 Science Communication Prize of the Finnish Association of the Science Editors and Journalists. 
Thank you!

Tiedetuubi is currently most popular online-only science publication in Finland. It has been covering science and technology since 2012 and publishes nowadays about 20 new stories a week and occasionally videos.

Originally Tiedetuubi was merely a hobby of its founders Jari Mäkinen and Markus Hotakainen, but has grown recently to leading science media in Finnish and is in fact acting also as a science (especially space related) news agency.

In addition to core staff of Mäkinen (left in the photo) and Hotakainen (middle), Jarmo Korteniemi (on the right) is a member of the team

According to Google Analytics, 13.1% of the visitors are female. The age group amounts are as follows: 18-24 years old 4,75%, 25-34 yo 23,44%, 35-44 yo 33,72%, 45-54 yo 17,05%, 55-54 yo 11,56% and over 65 years 9,48%.

The most active readers may be like the Facebook likers: 54% are in age category of 35-54 years (35-44 yo female 13%,  35-44 yo male 14%, 45.54 yo female 13% and 45-54 yo male 14%). 

Photos by Julie Bruhier © 2018 (left), Jarmo Korteniemi ja Tilda Sederholm (right).