Tiedetuubi: fun and factual science & technology

Tiedetuubi is currently most popular online-only science publication in Finland. It has been covering science and technology since 2012 and publishes nowadays about 20  new stories a week and occasionally videos.

Originally Tiedetuubi was merely a hobby of its founders Jari Mäkinen and Markus Hotakainen, but has grown recently to leading science media in Finnish and is used also as a science (especially space related) news agency.

In addition to core staff of Hotakainen and Mäkinen, Jarmo Korteniemi is a leading contrubutor and other team members are Jarmo Toivanen and Marja Saarikko.

The mean weekly session number is around 41 000, users 28 000, page views 65 000 and average session duration is 1:22 minutes. We have 79 228 active users in August 2015.

According to Google Analytics, 13.1% of the visitors are female. The age group amounts are as follows: 18-24 years old 4,75%, 25-34 yo 23,44%, 35-44 yo 33,72%, 45-54 yo 17,05%, 55-54 yo 11,56% and over 65 years 9,48%.

The most active readers may be like the Facebook likers: 54% are in age category of 35-54 years (35-44 yo female 13%,  35-44 yo male 14%, 45.54 yo female 13% and 45-54 yo male 14%).